Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bali Hai

Recently I had to go to California. Strangest thing - for no reason I can understand, I kept noticing that images, more like "fragrances" or sensations, of Bali kept occurring. I'd be driving, thinking about mundane matters, and suddenly have a powerful remembrance of Bali, including a kind of "atmospheric" memory. A sense of the moist air there, the intensity of color.......I haven't been to Bali for 10 years, although I often long to return. I have also been putting money away for a "round the world" trip to Asia, and eventually to Great Britain and Scotland ..........for five years now, but because of my mother have had to put it off.

Towards the end of my recent business trip, I was with my mother heading back to Arizona. She likes to listen to a radio station that features music from the '40's. I turned on the radio to hear "Bali Hai is calling.........". Then "Caledonia" set to big band (That's the Roman name for Scotland, and the name of my old boyfriend Kerry's bagpipe band). The best one came a few minutes later, with Bing Crosby singing "Far Away Places".

Don't tell me the Universal Mind Lattice doesn't have a sense of humor.

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Gail said...

I am often struck with gratitude for what I call my higher soul/self's sense of humor. I love traveling with you vicariously, so keep up the blogs. Blessed Be!!! Gail