Monday, March 9, 2009

Spider Woman's Hands

I wanted to put up, in haste, these few new works, all in terra cotta clay. I've had some wonderful conversations this past weekend with an amazing group of women in the "outback" of New Mexico, living and creating up in Nogal, and Sierra Blanca, wild and vast country to weave their webs of a new vision. More to write soon............

These are actually cast from my friend Inanna, who is a reiki master, massage therapist. I have been fascinated for a long time with the "eyes and hands" ...... to me, it represents conscious manifestation, to "see with our hands", to see the Divine manifesting within our creative acts.

Tse Che Nako, Thought Woman, the spider
named things, and as she named them
they appeared. She is sitting in her room
thinking of a story now:
I'm telling you the story
she is thinking.

Keresan Pueblo proverb

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Anonymous said...

Lovely work Lauren!

It is good to see you playing and creating with kindred spirits!