Thursday, July 31, 2008

After the Festivals...

"The Messenger - The Thunderbird"

Well, I've once again survived two plus weeks of the Sirius Rising Festival and then Starwood in Western New York. It's kind of a complete emersion experience, with some 2,000 diverse and eclectic people with tents and art and drums and encampments roll in. As before the Bonfires were extraordinary. Above is the "messenger" this year, representing the element of air, the Thunder Bird. I will try to get a photo of it going up in flames, which was amazing, to see the great figure, designed and created by Leslie and Jason, becoming a great fiery bird. When the sparks went up far into the night sky, I felt like indeed all of our prayers and hopes were going up into the spirit realms with it.

The Labyrinth was amazing as well, high on a hill, with some 1500 luminarias forming the labryrinth. At twilight, to see the shadows of people moving throughout to the center is a beautiful thing.

"Candles in Labyrinth"

Still somewhat exhausted, and not a lot coherent to say. So much input. But two good things have happened:

--I have been offered a 6 month teaching residency at the Wesley Seminary School in DC next fall to pursue my Spider Woman Project.

--This morning a little spider had made a nest (and was sitting in it) right on top of my medicine box, where I keep all of my various pills and inhalers and bandages. Spider Woman Medicine indeed!

"Water Ritual"

"Fire Ritual"

All Photographs here are courtesy of Roy Jones.

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Anonymous said...


This means you are going to be just three hours away from me for six months!

I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!