Friday, August 3, 2007

Progress Report

I've not had a chance to write much of late, as I and Kathy have been working with the small group of "weavers" here in Midland, casting faces and hands and thinking about what it means to "weave" our ways back into a greater sense of connectedness with each other, and the world.

Naturally, the realization that when one invokes ("to join") a ritual, a deity, a process, the web expands, and the changes happen in our own lives as well. That will take me a good day or two to write about sometime soon.

I like the pieces I did (as above) that have lively, chaotic threads coming out of hands, mouths, noses..........the vitality emerging from hands and mind. More on this later as well.

Mostly, the great joy of getting my hands in the good rich dirt, in this case, terra cotta dirt, and sculpting. I post here just a few pieces. Sculpting in clay, painting with delicious colors, dancing. All the same ecstasy.

The exhibit will be at the Midland Arts Center on the 16th of August, at 7:00. 17 people have participated, and we will be mounting 17 individual "icons" to create a mosaic, each hand connected to the next with the prayer ties we're weaving. I think it will be beautiful.

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