Friday, July 27, 2007

The 6th Extinction - a voice

On the 6th Extinction - a response to recent adverising that used as it's theme "The Human Element". I could not help but consider that we already have far too much concern with only the "Human Element".

"In 1987, the last Dusky seaside sparrow disappeared from the earth. Imagine the people of Merrit Island, Florida, gathering to hold vigil on the marsh's edge each June 15, the anniversary of it's passing. Or imagine the citizens of San Francisco gathering in the spring, beneath rustling eucalyptus trees at the Presidio, to remember the Xerces blue butterfly. That was where the last one was seen, in 1941. Can you imagine the California condor, it's wings circling in the desert air? Can you hear a Mexican Grey wolf, howling in the night? Psychologists have not begun to ponder the emotional toll of the loss of our fellow life. Nor have theologians reckoned the spiritual impoverishment that extinction brings.

To forget what we had is to forget what we have lost.

And to forget what we have lost means never knowing what we had to begin with."

Mark Jerome Walters

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