Sunday, December 8, 2013

TPP: One Global Nation By, For, and Of the Corporate Aristocracy "This is a  take over of what we value so dearly, which is the right to govern ourselves.  And if this succeeds, this is the last stage of making the U.S. into something akin to Saipan.  It creates desperate  job scarcity..........if you take regulations away,  if you let corporations interfere with sovereign regulations and sovereign laws it always works to the benefit of the corporations. "

This year I've blogged about The World According to Monsanto, the "Monsanto Protection Act", the loss of democracy by corporate lobbying, the ironic "ennoblement" of Monsanto by giving this monster corporation the Nobel Peace Prize, the important move Ethos which addresses the evolution of a new world order, "Corporatocracy", and what this means for the future of our planet........pretty political for someone who usually thinks about  myth, art, spirituality and the interdependency of our living Earth.

 But as one of the Grandmothers recently said - it's too late, way too late, for us to not speak our truth, way too late to "be nice".  I come from a time when unions actually had power, when there were Child Labor laws, and environmental protection laws, and pensions for retirees, and fair wages.......when there was an ethics to business in the U.S.  That is going fast.  What we buy is mostly built upon exploitative labor practices now, and jobs are shrinking so rapidly that Walmart can ask its employees to apply for food stamps with impunity.    Is  corporate greed, the machine instead of the soul, to  determine the future of our children and many generations to come,  and the fate of our world? Because it's up front and in our faces.   I feel it's important to share this frightening development, if there is anyone who doesn't already know about it, and from then on, (when I'm not thinking about art and myth), for my own benefit, try to see some of the answers that are out there.  Because we all need hope now, and I do believe it's there, rising from the heart of humanity.

 Right now corporate lobbyists are trying to quietly sneak the agreement through Congress without proper review so they’re pushing to Fast Track the trade agreement to literally shove the TPP through Congress. Unfortunately, Fast Track takes away Congress’ constitutional authority over trade and allows the president to take over.  If ratified, the TPP would impose punishing restrictions on local democracy, giving multinational corporations  the unprecedented right to demand taxpayer compensation for policies that corporations deem a barrier to their profits – like GMO labeling and bans on these crops at the national, state or local level! 

TPP:  One Global Nation By, For, and Of the CEO Aristocracy
 Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. Wikileaks has released another bombshell - this time publishing a portion of text from the secretly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership. Now that the text is out in the open - will lawmakers in Washington finally realize how devastating the TPP is to the American economy?  The real problem is that these secret “free” trade agreements are an end run around our democracy, replacing critical civil rights, labor and environmental protections with permanent corporate privilege and profits.

Help Stop Secret Trade Deals,  the TPP and TAFTA: the global Monsanto Protection Act on Steroids!

If you thought the Monsanto Protection Act was bad, the secret trade deals called the TPP and TAFTA are a global nightmare.  Known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), also called the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are being negotiated behind closed doors.  Sound familiar? Earlier this spring, "The Monsanto Protection Act" was negotiated in secret and now Monsanto and the biotech bullies are at it again.  Just as we’re on the verge of winning GMO labeling in the US and countries across the planet are rejecting GMO crops, these new global trade agreements could eliminate the ability of countries to label GMOs or impose common sense regulations on the sale of genetically engineered seed and food within their own countries.  Without your help, these trade agreements could open the floodgates to potentially harmful and untested GMOs all over the world. This could undermine all our work, including reversing the recent victories in Connecticut and Maine.
Tell Congress and President Obama that it's outrageous to negotiate secret trade agreements behind closed doors. Stop the TPP and TAFTA - the global Monsanto Protection Act on steroids! Every voice counts!

According to a recent op-ed in The New York Times, the TPP would set new rules for everything “from food safety and financial markets to medicine prices and Internet freedom.” Even after 17 rounds of negotiations, the level of secrecy regarding the draft proposals of the TPP has been called “unprecedented”.  Right now, Monsanto and more than 600 other multinational corporations and industry front groups are working to draft global trade agreements that will undermine the democratic rule of law and place our legal protections in the hands of shady corporate lobbyists.
Even worse, a biotech and pesticide industry lobbyist that once represented Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and other biotech giants is working as the Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the U.S. government.

Click here if you believe in GMO labeling and think that secret trade deals to kill common sense laws on genetically engineered crops should be stopped!

Remember, democracy is like a muscle, either you use it or you lose it!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

The ethics aren't just going FAST...they are GONE. We're living in a Philip K Dick novel, where it's corporate everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thank you Lauren! Yes- we must ALL take action right this very moment - now before another window closes, we are in the portal now to the usual, in this perfect Present, which is the only place in which we can act. Ritual, street action, internet petitions and comment columns, FB...they all count - especially face to face human level good ole communication with our neighbors

lauren raine said...

Thanks to both of you.........yes, I really do feel I'm looking at something out of Orwell here.