Sunday, September 30, 2012

When God Was A Girl - BBC Journalist Video

Forwarded to me by the wonderful artist  Lydia Ruyle  
whose Banners and Icons have travelled throughout the world, celebrating the Divine Feminine, including the "Goddess of Gobekli Tepe", a 12,000 year old prehistoric site in Turkey.

This series was aired by the BBC, interestingly, never aired in the U.S.  It's  exciting to see this information brought to the public in this way, although I confess I had a hard time with the title (would anyone talking about Western religion title it "When God Was A Boy?".......worth thinking about.) And I never heard her mention archeologist Marija Gimbutas, who, along with her colleagues, developed the field of Archeomythology, and wrote the monumental THE WORLD OF THE GODDESS.  To talk of Goddess culture and theory without mentioning Gimbutas is kind of like talking about psychology and failing to mention Freud or Jung.  Never the less, although I find it somewhat "dumbed down", I have after all spent 25 years studying the subject, and like most scholars, have a hard time when the information is incomplete or simplified.  This subject was probably something quite new to this journalist, and I'm grateful she made the documentary and got some of these ideas out there.  

The famous 1989 Trilogy "Goddess Remembered" by Canadian Film Board Director Donna Read is a poetic,  in-depth look at re-claiming of the Goddess in contemporary times, and features interviews with  Merlin Stone, Carol Christ, Luisah Teish, Starhawk, Charlene Spretnak, and Jean Bolen, who link the loss of goddess-centred societies with today's environmental crisis. They propose a return to the belief in an interconnected life system, with respect for the earth and the female, as fundamental to our survival.  My next post will share something about that work for any who may not be familiar with it. 

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