Friday, November 6, 2020

Election 2020

"Noam Chomsky has argued that Donald Trump represents not simply a threat to democracy, but to the planet itself. Chomsky situates the possible re-election of Trump within an era that he terms “the most dangerous moment in human history owing to the climate crisis, the threat of nuclear war and rising authoritarianism.......The underlying forces that created the conditions for Trump to win the presidency became more visible after 2016. In the midst of both an economic and a health crisis, he has sowed social divisions and resurrected the discourse of racial cleansing and white supremacy."

I have not had the heart to write much in this Blog, being preoccupied with the election.  I am not normally very political, but since the arising of Trump, I have become so.  Even as I write we have been removed from the Paris Accord, and Trump wants to end our part in the World Health Organization(did anyone actually get a choice in this?  Is this what America actually wants?)  I don't know this country any more, at least, my faith in a "united states" is ended as I watch the rising power of, in essence,  American fascism (what else can I call it?

My father was in Europe during WWII.  He never talked about it, but I vaguely remember some black and white snapshots he had of ruined buildings, and in the 50's, when I was 10 and we travelled in Europe he took the family to Auschwitz.  I didn't understand what that meant for many years, but I now  know it was important to him that we know what had happened, that we remember.  He worked in teacher's colleges for most of his life, and believed that education was essential to a functioning democracy, as well as free discourse and good journalism (in the late 50's he ran a small Democratic newspaper called the "L.A. Free Press").  He would utterly appalled if he could see what is going on now.

I think about the sad spectacle of poor people in Kentucky or Florida waving Trump flags and screaming about the evils of "socialist" Democrats as Trump and regime gloat about how they will eliminate the Affordable Care Act.  I receive Medicare, because I am over 65 - my recent operation cost over $250,000.00!  If I didn't have Medicare I now be losing my home.    Even so, I have some hefty "co-pays".  

What I find so frightening, is that just about 50% of the population is just fine with an authoritarian leader who blatently is corrupt and immoral as well, and an authoritarian Republican regime that enables him, even though most of them know he is not only corrupt, but incompetant. But he is rich, and this seems to be the only criterion that matters. Not people dying from a plague, not the very real reality of climate change, not our standing in a global community, not science or education or women’s rights or human rights or protection of minorities. Just money.

I am encouraged that Biden has a lead, and here in AZ we’ve seen the state go blue, and many good things happened locally (Mark Kelly, the astronaut and husband of beloved Gabrielle Gifford, replaced corrupt Martha Mc Sally, bills supporting education passed, a native American has been elected) ……. but what this election has revealed about America is profound.

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