Monday, September 26, 2016

The Age of the Great Goddess: Ancient Roots of the Emerging Feminine Consciousness

I'm posting these two videos about the work of Marija Gimbutas because they are so paradigm changing if you are not familiar with her work.  Marija Gimbutas, and Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade)  changed my  view of what has been and might be yet forever.   She set me and so many others on our paths.

 I feel, no I  experience, that we live in a time of enormous crisis, but also many forces are arising to meet that crisis.  The "Return of the Goddess", which also may be seen as the "re-balancing of the fragmented  human psyche"  is  utterly fundamental to the preservation of humanity.  And, our magnificent Mother Earth as well. 

With thanks to Nick Jordan for so generously uploading these videos.

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