Monday, April 28, 2014

The Night Blooming Cereus

 The world is
not with us enough
O taste and see

grief, mercy, language,
tangerine, weather, to
breathe them, bite,
savor, chew, swallow, transform

into our flesh our
deaths, crossing the street, plum, quince,
living in the orchard and being

hungry, and plucking
the fruit.

Denise Levertov

Here is one of the loveliest milagros  of the desert, the  Night Blooming Cereus (which you can get a picture of if you get up really early in the morning as well).  This cactus only blooms for one night.   I think of this extravagant generosity on the part of the Cactus Deva as being made to be seen with "night vision", truly, like the huge white Datura, "flowers of the moon".   

You really can see miracles in your own backyard.  And blessings every day.

My muses, Lulu and Lucy, hard at work.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Wow. It blooms for just ONE night?

lauren raine said...

That's it.........although sometimes they produce a number of buds, so other blooms occur for up to a week.