Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Roswell U.F.O. Conference 2012

Famous "weather balloon" photo
I have always found New Mexico a strange place , full of artists, mystics, and dreamers.  Odd towns that seem to have fallen off the edge of the world, vast unpopulated space, and old bones, bright colors, and endless mystery.  Roswell fits nicely into that description.  I like Roswell, which is, like most New Mexico towns, isolated and poor enough to retain much of its character.

In 2010 I had a residency in Carrizozo, a town that is, like many N.M. towns, half-way to becoming a ghost town.  I never thought much about UFO's, to be honest.  But while in 'Zozo I met a number of locals who had stories to tell about what their fathers, or aunt, "had seen".  Then, around the 4th of July, I drove into Roswell, some 75 miles away, to buy art supplies, and saw that the annual UFO Festival was going on at the UFO Museum downtown.  Two days later I emerged amazed, and more so now that I've attended it in its entirety this year.

I have to say that I greatly admire the dedication of those I've seen here, people like nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, investigators Don Schmitt, Frank Kimbler, and David Rudiak, and others present.  They have been coming back and investigating at their own expense for 20, 30, even 40 years.  These people are doggedly dedicated to finding the truth, and the story they have to collectively tell is important.  I also might add that Roswell has a great sense of humor about it many towns can have Aliens as their claim to fame?

 For any who don't know the story, not too far from where the first atomic bomb was exploded lies the little ranching town of Corona, somewhat north of Carrizozo.  In the mid and later 40's, New Mexico, with the development of atomic energy and warfare in Los Alamos, and military testing at Trinity and near White Sands, saw the beginning of the atomic age. The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945 in the Trinity test in New Mexico; Robert Oppenheimer remarked that it brought to life a quote from the Bhagavad Gita: "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."  In the 40's, the most important and powerful military people in the U.S. were in New Mexico.  It is not, perhaps, impossible to imagine that not only the Germans and later the Russians were interested in what was going on there.  

In early July in 1947, a rancher near Corona found a field of debris on his land where a UFO had crashed.  There is speculation that the UFO's are affected by electro-magnetic phenomena, and early July is famous for the violent electrical storms they call the "monsoon season".  Debris included pieces of metal with strange inscriptions, and an aluminum like material that could be crumpled up, but when placed on a table, unfolded itself and became perfectly flat.  He contacted local police, who contacted the military in Roswell, the nearest large town.  Within a day, a large military operation that included local personnel converged on the site, and artifacts, including a presumed crashed vehicle, were taken to a hanger in Roswell, and shortly after that transported to several other possible sites under the greatest secrecy.  It is also believed that among the "artifacts" were two or possibly three alien bodies, with possibly one of them still alive.  An undertaker in Roswell was apparently employed to presumably assist with preserving the bodies, and there are many reports from people (who are now, because this happened 65 years ago, dead) that say they saw these bodies.  One was the father of an old woman I met in Carrizozo, who was a janitor on the military base hanger in Roswell.  He told her he saw "little people" in storage there, and he told her to never tell anyone else.  Did he make it up to impress his young daughter? Did she make it up to impress others? 

It seems clear, thanks to the long effort of the investigators, that the military in 1947 covered the crash up exhaustively, from informing the public that the problem was a downed "weather balloon", to threatening locals and their families who had any information or first-hand contact with the event.  Apparently, they were very effective.   Where are the bodies and/or artifacts now?  No one knows.  Will there be disclosure eventually?  Again, no one knows, and this is a subject of debate among the dedicated men who have been coming to Roswell for so many years. 

One of the presentations I found most interesting was by Robert Salas  who co-authored a book, Faded Giant, about a UFO incident that he witnessed when he was a missile combat crew member monitoring the missile silo in Malmstrom AFB, Montana, in 1967.  He witnessed a number of UFO apparently investigating the missile site - and during the experience, all 10 of the missile systems went down, and inexplicably remained down until the siting was over!  I was impressed with Mr. Salas' humility as he told his story, and his belief that the UFO's were sending a message to us about the danger and futility of atomic warfare. 

I was also impressed with Yvonne R. Smith D.HT., a professional hypnotherapist who has been working with repressed memories of UFO abductees for many years.  Her presentation, and her book Chosen:  Recollections of Abductions through Hyp0notherapy were moving and convincing.  After thousands of hours of regressions she founded CERO - Close Encounters Resource Organization as a national organization to help people suffering from the trauma of abduction.  Listening to some of her subjects while under hypnosis, and then reading the book, was shocking for me.  Apparently abductees can trace their experiences to early childhood, and abduction continues into adulthood.  Among some of her case studies are two double abductions, which she shares in her book.  Although most of the abductees are very traumatized by their experiences, some apparently are not.   Here's a comment from her book by a woman who was abducted, and remembers having extensive "conversations" with the beings that abducted her:

"The point is that these creatures feel we take too cavalier an attitude toward the only environment in which we can truly be comfortable on a very deep level.  They see us doing something that they witnessed their own species doing long ago on whichever system they came from, something that grew imperceptibly,l incrementally, until it reached a threshold and then produced complete and quantitative change to conditions on which they could not continue.  

The reason they care is because they are also living in our environment, and they are barely hanging on.  I get the feeling they can't endure  our sunshine, our gravity, our geomagnetic fields, our high-octane emotions for long.  They've managed some kind of half-existence here.  Whatever we're doing that will have systemic, global impacts on us and economies on which we depend will make their tenuous existence even less tenable. 

I get the feeling  they are trying to manipulate our genetic material to create bodies fully adapted to our planet but which can also house their own kind of consciousness.  They are trying to create a body into which both species can incarnate and express their own styles of consciousness.  They're having a helluva time of it, though, above and beyond the technical difficulties of micro manipulating the extraordinarily complex DNA of Earth creatures.  Even as our bodies are not adapted to life on other worlds or permanent residence in spacecraft, their consciousness is not adapted to life in our stormy bodies and brains.  And, if we're moving as fast as they fear to altering irrevocably the conditions of life on Earth (theirs and ours) they may not have much time left to create a life form adapted to this world, a world which may ironically change out of their design parameters."

 Last, I was delighted to again hear Freddy Silva speak about crop circles, sacred landscapes, and what he calls "temporary and ancient temples".  I think he's a true visionary genius, and there's so much there that I think I'll wait for a later post to share his lecture. 

Now to the hot springs at Truth or Consequences, N.M., a fitting name and place to try to digest all of this!


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Fascinating. Thanks for posting this. We have a proposal circulating on abductions/contactees and I didn't know about the book you mention here.

Unknown said...

Excellent. I love reading your blog. It never disappoints.

Unknown said...

Excellent. I love reading your blog. It never disappoints.