Monday, March 5, 2012

Kickstarter Proposal - Progress

With about 18 days left to achieve the funding goal of my Kickstarter Proposal, I'm pleased to say that I've almost got just $1,000.00 to go.........can I make it?  Well, we'll see.  But even so, I've been so very encouraged to have so many people support the project and demonstrate that they believe in matter what happens, it's going forward.

Mythology is at the roots of our culture, stories that inspire and teach.  We have endless renditions of war god myths -  but few  know the universal, multi-cultural myths of the Goddess, the "faces of feminine dieties".   How is the "Descent of Inanna" important?  Who was Sedna?  What does Spider Woman weave?  These ancient yet very contemporary stories, and many others,  are deeply meaningful as we create a new mythology for our time:  stories that empower women and imagine sacred ways of living within Mother Earth.  

For almost 10 years the  Masks of the Goddess were brought to life by dancers, storytellers, and teachers throughout the U.S. The project ended in 2008, but ever since then I've received so many requests for masks that this year (2012) I've begun work on a new collection, which will be held in trust for all communities to use in the future.  Monies raised through Kickstarter in the next 6 weeks, if we're able to meet our goals,  will also fund the "inaugural performance" of the new collection at the 2012 Women and Mythology Conference in San Francisco, produced and directed by  author and ritualist  Macha NightMare.      I believe this new collection and collaboration will travel far in the years to come, dancing the Goddess home with mythic theater.

Lauren Raine

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to see what you create!