Friday, December 16, 2011

Plant Healer's Magazine & Anima Center

Back in June the survival of  New Mexico's Anima Center was in question, as the terrible Wallow wildfire of 2011 drew near.  It is perhaps a testament to the power of prayer, sweat, and intention that at seemingly the last moment,  disaster did not happen, the rains came, and Anima's beautiful land was saved.  Now I feel very honored to have two my works on the cover of their Plant Healers Magazine, a wonderful journal of art and thought on co-creation with the natural world.  Thankyou, Wolf, Loba, and Kiva Rose.  Wishing you and Anima many more inspired years of teaching us all "rewilding".

Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Herbalism

Enlivening the practice, culture and art of folk herbalism
Featuring  experience-based adventurous writings by teachers, practitioners and plant lovers.
Combining inquiry, inspiration and skills in artful celebration of the evolving folk herbalism culture.
 “This is the first publication I’ve seen in my 38-year career that captures the wild diversity of herbalism in North America while still reflecting excellence and high-level practice… points of view from many regions, traditions, and schools of North American thought.. for the practicing herbalist from entry level to advanced, inclusively.”
-Paul Bergner, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism
“Plant Healer is amazing… the most beautiful magazine I’ve ever seen, bar none!”
-Phyllis Light, Appalachian Center for Herbal Studies

Plant Healer 1 Year Subscription (Standard Membership)Plant Healer 1 Year Subscription (Standard Membership)
Full membership includes not only 4 electronic issues of Plant Healer, but also access to over $200 worth of bonus downloads and other benefits such as audio recordings of TWH Conference concerts and classes, video recordings of classes, plant walks and concerts by respected TWH teachers and many beautiful full color handouts, posters and ebooks by Plant Healer authors and artists!

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To learn about Jesse Wolf Hardin, Loba, Kiva Rose and the Anima Center


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