Friday, October 8, 2010

"Beyond Awakening" Free Teleseminar sponsored by ISSEEM

I received an email from The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) ( announcing a Free series of seminars, available via Internet or telephone. I was impressed with the teachers who are participating,so I wanted to pass on the information to any who may wish to also register. The event's sponsors, who are providing funding for this event free to the public, are impressive too. I look forward to following it, and copy from the announcement I received below:

Beyond Awakening: Registration and Information

What is emerging today at the leading edge of human transformation? How can our spiritual practice help us evolve toward planetary citizenship? Join 27 of the world’s most dynamic spiritual teachers for a groundbreaking series of dialogues. Some of those you'll meet:

Jean Houston

Ken Wilber

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Brother David Steindl-Rast

Ram Dass


Michael Murphy

Dan Millman

Living on this earth has never been easy. The Buddha famously taught that "life is suffering," and that the way out was to get enlightened. That alone was challenging. But the Buddha lived 2500 years ago... before email, cell phones, airplanes, television, computers, global terrorism, environmental disasters, economic recessions, and the expectation that you be a "peak performer", a "super-mom" or just plain "super". Now it's a whole new story — not only do we suffer, get sick, and die, like other humans throughout history—but we're doing so in a world that's seriously out of whack. We face stresses and demands—despite our amazing comforts and opportunities—that the Buddha never dreamed of, beyond our age-old human condition.

Our spiritual practice needs to occur IN this world—with our families, at our work—and in relation to all the world's problems. That's our mission.

Albert Einstein famously said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

We—as a society, as a culture, and as individuals—need to transform our consciousness, change our frequency, be the future that we want, and that the world desperately needs. These can't just be empty slogans...Just as we must awaken to the timeless truths of love, Spirit, compassion, and peace, we must also go beyond awakening to embody those truths in an embodied, engaged, evolving spirituality that is true to who we are, here and now — and that can empower us to co-create a sustainable human future. Exactly what that "evolving spirituality" looks like—and how to live it—is what we'll be exploring in this groundbreaking series.

There is no cost to participate in this live, interactive event. Thanks to our generous sponsors, and to all the luminaries who have volunteered their time, we are able to offer this event to you for FREE. All you need is a telephone or a computer to participate and explore:

  • How to turn the fast pace of life into a profound practice to experience clarity, purpose, and yes, inner peace.
  • How to find community in our fragmented, virtual world and get the support you need.
  • What neuroscience can teach us about skillful, effective (and efficient!) personal practice, and how you can apply this research in your everyday life.
  • How to question our inherited spiritual wisdom, and at the same time rescue the light of that wisdom, like precious jewels, from being dimmed down and fragmented.
  • How you can help catalyze the transformation of our culture as well as your own consciousness.

We're committed to making each teleseminar as interactive as possible. Each week, you'll be able to ask questions and interact with these teachers.


**The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) is an international non-profit interdisciplinary organization dedicated to exploring and applying subtle energies as they relate to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential. ISSSEEM is in a unique position, acting both as a bridge builder between communities and a leader in the field, offering a community with a widespread appreciation of the energetic component within many disciplines including quantum physics, therapeutic modalities, healing, psychology, consciousness, psi and the understanding of our multidimensional existence.
Founded in 1989, ISSSEEM studies systems and energies that interact with the human psyche and physiology, either enhancing or perturbing health. The organization: Interconnects persons who work with or cond
uct research about subtle energies and human consciousness, encourages an exchange of information through conferences, seminars, and workshops, informs and Interfaces with members and the broader scientific community through Bridges, a quarterly magazine, and Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, a peer-reviewed, scientific journal, cooperates with other organizations that have common interests and goals, enhancing the use of available resources.

ISSSEEM • 2770 Arapahoe Rd Suite 132, Lafayette,CO 80026 • 303-425-4625


Gail said...

Thanks for keeping me connected and introducing me to such interesting new opportunities. I just signed up! Gail

Lauren said...

I know they had a presentation today.....I'm embarroused to say that I missed it. But I'll be looking in next time........

Jeni said...

I enjoyed reading this blogpost I accidentally fell upon (as I read on something inside said it was an accident). I couldn't figure out why, but there were a dozen key words and a couple quotes that stood out to me that touched areas I've been intrigued with or was connected to... Bali, caledonia, Scotland, Houston, Einstein, far away places..... My subconscious is guiding me - it's almost out of control!
Sorry if I made no sense- I had to get that out ;)!

Jeni said...

Oops typo in my comment to you above(...something inside said it WAS NOT an accident)..

Lauren said...

hello Jeni,

Perhaps we're both on the same mindstream, swimming up river! Although I imagine the song by Bing Crosby is a little obscure...........

Thanks for dropping in; the river seems to be running fast these days......